Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seed you plant

-Robert Louis Stevenson


Here at Greenspace we design offices that invite you to bring your Passion to work. Through the yellow door and up three flights, a modest wood entryway opens into a gorgeous expanse of aged brick-and-beam juxtaposed with modern splashes of urban sprawl. The multi-tiered layout reflects the calming muted greens and natural earth-tones of the surrounding valley, meandering like an oxbow on the nearby Deerfield River until breaking off into eddies of private meeting nooks. The landscape is dotted with plants and workers alike. Three long rows of windows splash ample amounts of natural sunlight across a variety of hand-crafted seating options, with an assortment of  hanging filament bulbs to illuminate the coffee-fueled night owls. Look out our historic 3rd floor view over the city common; you are constantly reminded of our local heritage as we stride towards a future of innovation, accessibility and economic resurgence. Experience a comfortable, connected and secure culture that addresses the modern challenges facing a diverse 21st century workforce. Indulge in the locally-brewed coffee and Free amenities. Explore your city and take advantage of all the discount cowork perks with our neighboring partners. Plant your roots, grow your business, and expand your creative limits –  We invite you to join our Greenspace community today~


The first step to growing a dynamic, inclusive community of driven professionals is finding the right plot to call home. Thus the story of Greenspace began as many do, in the fertile settings of a bar. Co-Founder Jeremy Goldsher was tending back in 2017 at a final Valley Venture Mentor pitchcamp meeting he was hosting, recently having returned home from NYC to help manage & develop the new family business Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center. Jeff Sauser, an urban planning consultant, was a new resident of Greenfield with a young family, an eye for opportunity and an interest in creating a grounded space for himself in the community. The two shared a passion for design and an itch for entrepreneurship, but what brought them together that night was a mutual curiosity about coworking.

Despite deep origins stemming from countless non-traditional office environments and unorthodox work communities, the history of the cowork space is only dated as far back as 2006. It is a global movement only in its infancy, but with thousands of spaces now established across the world and traditional corporations increasingly employing remote workers, it is now one of the fastest-growing trends in office environments. In addition, while a few brand-recognizable companies own the majority of large-scale cowork spaces, most membership-driven, open concept offices are run as small independent businesses. They are low in costs, high in offerings and their independent nature allows for distinct communities with strong identities to emerge while still collaborating in the larger cowork field.

The flexible nature of Cowork spaces can serve a variety of workers, such as freelancers, students, remote professionals, and small to large companies. As a young grad in the city constantly on the move, Jeremy took advantage of this new affordable trend and witnessed the rise of coworking first hand, appreciating the value in these art-like office environments as the corporate landscape shifted around him. Jeff too was seeing the changes in the way people worked, in a much larger sense as his work took him all across the country and he hopped from office to office. It was a space crucial to a professional like him, and a place sorely missing in his new hometown.

Jeremy was born in Greenfield, and remembered being a young student walking downtown after school, wishing he had a place he felt comfortable, secure and inspired to do his homework. At the time opiate usage was on the rise and Hawks and Reed hadn’t created a burgeoning nightlife scene, so after 4pm it became a ghost town and he spent most of his nights working in the library or in his dad’s office basement. When the opportunity arose as an adult to develop spaces downtown with the goal of invigorating the local economy and creating community, coworking was not just a solution – it was a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream.

The first step in making that dream reality was the meeting of Jeff and Jeremy at the bar. Introduced over our shared passion for coworking, a five minute conversation and handshake was all it took to cement a partnership that has spanned two years and countless hours of sweat, creativity, and collaboration. We have had amazing mentors and local allies support us in the long journey to today, without whom we never would have been able to realize our full vision and receive a substantial grant from MassDevelopment towards finishing our build-out. Groups like Linesync Architecture, Hill Street Concrete, Facta Studio, Bueno Social, Monderer Design, FCCDC, VVM, Orange Innovation Center, Steve True Carpentry, and our close friends at Hawks and Reed have been invaluable assets in trade, experience, and collaboration. Larger companies like Australis Aquaculture have given us room for creative freedom by taking a chance on our start-up space and becoming anchor tenants. This platform has allowed us to jump off into developing our own custom solutions where others pick from a catalouge – all our furniture is handmade, and often designed in-house like our signature Bento Booth conference call station.


The future is bright for Greenspace CoWork – Our open-concept, membership-driven environment reflects the rural, community-based lifestyle that draws so many to Western Mass, while providing the flexibility and tools required of an evolving 21st century workforce. Exposing 150+ years of local history, Greenspace preserves the past while looking to the future through high-impact, small-footprint development and synergistic cooperation. From their first free trial, Members experience a comfortable, connected, and secure culture where you can work independently or intersect with peers, all on your personalized schedule. We are more than a destination – At Greenspace we reclaim the way you work!