The Advantages of Securing a Small Private Office Space for Rent

Finding a small private office space for rent has many advantages for startups and growing businesses.

Small offices are perfect for startups and small businesses with low budgets. They offer an affordable alternative to large offices and can help a business assess whether a larger office is necessary. Small offices have all of the perks of a larger office, too! If you’re considering a small private office rental, there are plenty of advantages to having a dedicated workspace.


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Small space with all the perks

A small office space doesn’t have to mean sacrificing space and amenities, especially when it is part of a larger coworking space. Small private offices have loads of perks for growing teams and solopreneurs.

Secure a great location

A good office space has the advantage of location. When looking for a small private office space for rent, you’ll want to consider factors such as commute time, proximity to restaurants, and ease of access. Centrally located office rentals, like those at Greenspace, make scheduling meetings with clients and shareholders much easier. Centralized office spaces have the added benefit of being within walking distance of restaurants and cafes open for lunch.

Less overhead costs

Locating a small private office space for rent is a great way to save on overhead costs, especially if it is part of a larger coworking community. Commercial rentals can be tough to find and the spaces available may be too large and cumbersome for your budding small business. Renting a small office gives you privacy and space at a much lower cost than traditional commercial real estate.

Enjoy included amenities

Most office spaces come with the necessary amenities to help a business succeed such as speedy internet and on-site printing. When searching for private office space, consider which amenities are most important to you and your team. Workplace amenities are a great advantage to renting a workspace or small office.

Personalize the space

Perhaps you’ve gotten by as a small team working from home or in a much smaller space, but as your team grows or your needs change, you want an office space to call your own. Personalizing your office space not only helps inspire employees but can also be a visual aspect of the overall company culture. Deck out the walls with your favorite inspirational musings and/or business KPIs to keep yourself motivated!

Relish in Privacy

Is privacy a motivating factor in your search for a small office space for rent? You have more control over your space and privacy in your own office than you would in an open-space office environment. You also get the added benefit of being able to leave your work at work. In a private space, you can leave laptops and office equipment in a secure location without dragging them back and forth from home to the office.

Test out the space

Renting an office is an excellent way to test out how much space you need before committing to purchasing it. If you’re hesitant to sign a lease on a larger area you may not need, try finding a small private office space for rent first. As business needs warp and change, flexibility is critical and a small private office with a flexible contract is a great way to try out an office space without feeling trapped in a burdensome contract.

We know that finding the right office space can be tough, which is why we aim to make it as easy as possible. Whether you’re considering a larger space for a growing team or a smaller private office for yourself, we make finding the right workspace a breeze. 


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