Who Uses Coworking Spaces?: A Review of Remote Professionals

Perhaps you’ve been wondering, “Who uses coworking spaces, and are they a fit for me?” Here’s a quick guide to the most common remote professionals, including their working style and workplace needs.

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more people opting to move away from traditional offices and into shared workspaces. So, who exactly is using these coworking spaces? Let’s look at the different types of professionals who utilize communal workspaces.

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The Solo Business Owner

The solo business owner is a one-person show, working independently without needing a team or support staff. This type of professional might include entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other independent professionals who just need a place to work on their projects. Solo professionals often value flexibility over amenities like conference rooms or printing services, which makes coworking spaces an ideal fit for this type of business owner. 

The Freelancer

Who uses coworking spaces the most? Freelancers are one of the largest groups of people using coworking spaces today. These professionals typically seek affordable office solutions that don’t require long-term leasing commitments or hefty upfront costs. 

Coworking spaces provide them with all the amenities they need for their day-to-day operations, such as printers, scanners, and other office equipment. They also offer access to meeting rooms when required. Plus, most coworking memberships come with flexible plans, so freelancers can choose what works best for them based on their current workloads and short-term goals.

The Remote Worker 

Typically, remote workers are employees of large companies. Their company may lack physical office space, so workers work from other locations. Coworking spaces offer remote workers the opportunity to get out of the house while still being able to complete their work tasks in an environment that promotes productivity and collaboration with others. 

The Start-Up Team 

So, who uses coworking spaces as a team? Start-up teams love coworking spaces. These teams usually consist of small groups working on similar projects or groups that work as part of a small, budding company. 

These teams may not need massive, physical office spaces, so coworking spaces provide them with the perfect environment for collaboration. Coworking spaces offer an affordable option for small teams who may not want to spend thousands on a large office. Additionally, many start-ups find that coworking spaces provide valuable networking opportunities—something that can be hard to come by when working remotely or independently.

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Whether you’re an independent professional, remote worker, or part of a start-up team, coworking spaces can be beneficial in many ways. Coworking spaces like Greenspace offer flexible leases and access to amenities like WiFi, printing, coffee, and even networking opportunities. At Greenspace, we’re here to help alleviate workspace needs at an affordable rate. 

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